How it works?

gogym how it works

Go-gym consist of 3 main parts. Tiles, control boxes and a wireless device.
Tiles: Tiles are specially designed for Go-Gym system. Rubber tiles are very strong and durable. Also they are permanently elastic and unbreakable. Each tiles are eqipped with RGB Leds and special electronic sensors. These unique interactive led lights come in more then 65000 colours.
Control Boxes: Tiles need to be connectted to the control boxes to be able to provide energy and synchronization.
Wireless Device: Wireless device helps to choose any activity or activities set via its user-friendly interface. Also user can follow his personal records, performance, burned calories or pulse. You can use your mobile phone or tablet to control your system.

Depending on the activity you choose, you may activate or deactivate the tile lights with different body parts such as your hands, feet, fingers, hip or even exercies equipment.